5 Benefits of Natural Toothpaste

5 Benefits of Natural Toothpaste

Angela TaguePosted by Angela Tague, guest blogger

During my last dental checkup, my dentist smiled and said my teeth look great. Then she asked for my secret.

She admitted she hasn’t seen my teeth look this clean and tartar-free in a while. I explained I’ve been working diligently to reduce my exposure to unnecessary artificial chemicals and additives. During my healthy makeover, I decided to switch to natural toothpaste and an electric toothbrush. The combo has been a winner in so many ways!

1. No More Stinging, Sensitive Mouth

Unfortunately, I am a magnet for cold sores, canker sores, and mouth ulcers caused by autoimmune reactions. For me, regular toothpaste irritates and burns my already sore mouth more often than not. When I switched to natural toothpaste, I noticed a decrease in sensitivity, which makes brushing less painful.

2. Natural Whiteners Perk Up My Smile

Since I have a sensitive mouth, I’m not a fan of harsh chemicals when it comes to brightening my smile. I love that Tom’s of Maine’s Simply White toothpaste uses all-natural hydrated silica to whiten teeth instead of artificial bleaching agents that can leave teeth sensitive to cold temperatures.

3. Going Fluoride FreetoothpastesTOM

I’ll admit it. I was very hesitant to give up toothpaste made with fluoride. After all, ever since I was a kid I’ve heard that fluoride is essential for dental health. After much research, I learned I was getting enough fluoride in my city-treated drinking water and that I really didn’t need it in my toothpaste, too. So, I made the switch. Research your own area and consult with your dental health professional before deciding if this could also be the right option for your family.

4. Simple, Real Flavors

As a kid, I loved bubblegum-flavored toothpaste. As an adult, I feel guilty using products made with artificial flavorings and dyes. When I discovered that natural toothpastes use plant oils for flavoring, I was relieved. I’d rather taste real peppermint than a lab-created flavoring!

5. Being an Animal Lover

As a self-proclaimed dog mom who once had a pet chicken and cuddles miniature donkeys, I am a true animal lover. I love knowing I can choose natural products made without any animal testing. Tom’s of Maine is diligent about following environmentally friendly practices, which includes refusing to participate in animal testing of ingredients or products. And for that, I’m thankful.

So, why not make the switch? Tell us about your crusade for a healthier lifestyle in the comments below.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons