5 Easy Recycled Holiday Ornaments

5 Easy Recycled Holiday Ornaments

Sher-newPosted by Sher Warkentin, guest blogger

Make your holidays eco-friendly by decorating with repurposed materials. Making homemade ornaments is also a great way to get your family involved in a green holiday tradition. Try these fun ideas to create some beautiful recycled holiday ornaments with items you already have on hand.

Recycled Christmas Card Ornaments

I love getting holiday cards, but I hate throwing them out. Recycling them into Christmas ornaments is a great way to keep those cards for years to come. Making them can be as simple as cutting out the image on a card, whether it be a drawing or an actual photo, adding some glitter and a loop of ribbon, and hanging it in the tree.

Bottle Cap Snowmen

These cute snowmen will make a wonderful addition to your tree and they are easy enough for younger kids to make. For each ornament, you’ll need three bottle caps, a strip of ribbon, glue, markers, paints, and paintbrushes. Paint each bottle cap white on the inside. When they are dry, draw a face on one with markers. Glue the three bottle caps onto the ribbon, with the head on the top. Tie a loop in the ribbon end above the snowman’s head to make a hanger.

Plastic Bottle Snowflakes

Save a few plastic water bottles from the recycling bin to make some sparkly snowflakes for your Christmas tree. You’ll need a plastic water bottle, scissors, a hole puncher, ribbon, glue, and glitter. Remove the label from the bottle and cut the bottle in half, about halfway down from the top. Cut five evenly spaced slits into the sides of the bottle, starting from the top edge and cutting all the way down to the bottom of the bottle. This will create five flaps. Fold these flaps down flat and cut curved edges along the sides of each one. Punch a hole into one flap and tie a loop of ribbon through it for the hanger. Finally, decorate it with glue and glitter.

Paper Towel Roll Wreaths

Start by saving up a few empty paper towel roll tubes. Besides these, you will also need scissors, ribbon, tape, paints, and a paintbrush. Paint the inside and outside of each tube with two different colors. When the paint is dry, flatten the tube so that it has two creased edges. Cut slits along one creased edge, about a quarter inch apart. Leaving about a quarter inch uncut on the opposite end. Unflatten the tube and curve the ends together to create a wreath shape, with the cut edge facing out. Tape the ends together and loop some ribbon through to create a hanger.

Recycled-Holiday-OrnamentsScrap Fabric Ornaments

One of my favorite materials for making recycled holiday ornaments is scrap fabric. If you have any fun, colorful scraps leftover from sewing projects, simply cut them into festive holiday shapes, such as stars, trees, and stockings. Hand-stitch two cut pieces together and stuff with other fabric scraps. Sew in a small loop of ribbon on the top to hang your homemade ornament.

What are some of your favorite recycled holiday ornaments? Share your ideas in the comments below!

Photo credit: Flickr.