The Top 3 Reasons Companies Should Give Back

The Top 3 Reasons Companies Should Give Back

Susan Dewhirst headshotPosted by Susan Dewhirst, PR and Goodness Programs manager

This year Tom’s of Maine is giving more than $1 million to 52 nonprofits across the country through our 50 States for Good program. We are excited to publicly announce our winners!  While this news is obviously good for the nonprofits involved, we also believe it is good for our company. Before we get to winners list, here are my top 3 reasons why companies should give back.

Giving money improves employee morale

Kids. Animals. Hunger. Recycling.  When Tom’s of Maine asked you, our consumers, for #OneWaytoHelp your community, you responded with thousands of ways we should give back. Those of us on the 50 States for Good team felt both humbled – and inspired.

So we decided to share the love among our own employees. This year, in addition to our 50 States for Good recipients all nominated by you, we are supporting five additional nonprofit organizations nominated by people working at Tom’s of Maine! Working for a company that gives back feels great. Helping to decide which causes that money benefits feels even better.

Of course giving back doesn’t have to be on this large a scale! Companies can also help improve employee morale through simple activities like food drives, holiday gift drives, and group volunteer activities!

why your company should give back

Your support makes it happen

Ten years ago I joined Tom’s of Maine because I loved the simple, natural toothpaste… and the decades long commitment to giving 10% of profits to grassroots causes.  I felt like I was helping nonprofits get funding just by buying toothpaste.  The way Tom’s of Maine does business mirrors the way I try to live my own life! It is exciting to see that running a business and doing good are not mutually exclusive.

Of course, we couldn’t give money back if we were not taking money in. Your purchase and support of our responsible business philosophy are really what make our annual giving possible. So, 50 States for Good is as much your program as it is ours. Thank you.

50 States for Good winner

Everyone can learn from our giving – including our kids

As a Mom, I’m often thinking about what the future holds for my daughter and what the world will look like for her.  I’m always looking for ways to model an “other focused” perspective for Jillian – giving back, looking out for others, making decisions for the greater  good– less “I” and more “We”.

The 52 nonprofits and their hardworking staffs and volunteers couldn’t be better examples of being “other focused”.  Take City Growers in New York City, which is using a rooftop farm to help urban kids rethink their food and where it comes from. Or, the Literacy Leadership Project being launched by Reading Works in New Mexico, offering a peer-to-peer adult tutoring program in a high poverty area where many people don’t have a high school education. All 52 organizations provide great lessons I can bring home from my workplace and share with my daughter!

new mexico nonprofit

And now… here are this year’s 50 States for Good funding recipients! Organizations like these are providing critical services and building strong communities, we thank them for letting us play a part in their important work. Please take a moment to visit some of their web sites to learn more!

Sitka, Alaska
Vestavia Hills, Alabama
Little Rock, Arkansas
Scottsdale, Arizona
Corona, California
Peyton, Colorado
Woodbury, Connecticut
Washington, D.C.
Dover, Delaware
Ocala, Florida
Decatur, Georgia
Hawi, Hawaii
Nashua, Iowa
Ketchum, Idaho
East St. Louis, Illinois
New Palestine, Indiana
Louisburg, Kansas
Russellville, Kentucky
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Chicopee, Massachusetts
Brooklyn Park, Maryland
York Harbor, Maine
Farmington, Michigan
Sterling Heights, Michigan
Amboy, Minnesota
Meridian, Mississippi
St. Louis, Missouri
Kalispell, Montana
Lincoln, Nebraska
Bismarck, North Dakota
Concord, New Hampshire
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Charlotte, North Carolina
Trenton, New Jersey
Minden, Nevada
Long Island City, New York
Westerville, Ohio
Elk City, Oklahoma
Eugene, Oregon
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Warwick, Rhode Island
Charleston, South Carolina
Dupree, South Dakota
Townsend, Tennessee
El Paso, Texas
Salt Lake City, Utah
Charlottesville, Virginia
Burlington, Vermont
Seattle, Washington
Jefferson, Wisconsin
Nutter Fort, West Virginia
Jackson, Wyoming 

*One lucky winner – Play Place for Autistic Children in Sterling Heights, Michigan – was selected through a “$20,000 toothpaste tube” promotion that asked consumers to submit a valid UPC code for a chance to win funding for their favorite nonprofit.