A Day Dedicated to Goodness

A Day Dedicated to Goodness

Even though we’re committed to goodness every single day, and we get the great benefit of being able to use 5% of our paid time to volunteer in our community, Tom’s sets aside one day a year for all our employees to spend giving back to the community. We call it Goodness Day! Goodness Day 2010 gave us all a chance to bond outside of the conference room and, most importantly, help the communities we love and live in. Here are some details of how we spent the day:

Sanford-Springvale YMCA®
The Sanford-Springvale YMCA serves in excess of 3,500 members: 30% of which are children. The kids walk, skip and run through its doors every day and their playground, while functional, needed a bit of a makeover. Tom’s employees gave the playground an upgrade by replacing sand with wood chips to make it safer and cleaner for kids to enjoy. Along with cleaning the equipment, we planted some trees, which we like to think of as nature’s playground. We had a great time helping to provide the children with a safe and fun environment at the Sanford Springvale YMCA.

A local land trust
There’s nothing quite like walking or running on a trail to enjoy nature’s splendor. So we put in some major elbow grease to make sure this local land trust’s trails were obstruction-free and “user friendly.” We cleared trails of litter and overgrowth, set up trail signs, did boardwalk and erosion control construction, and replaced parking barriers.

The Animal Welfare Society of West Kennebunk
We don’t limit our goodness to just those with two legs. Our four-legged friends need helping hands, too! AWS is a familiar volunteer spot as two members of the Tom’s community, Patti Murphy and Lorena Cooper, are both regular volunteers at the shelter. Tom’s animal lovers volunteered to clean and restore the outdoor play area so pups have plenty of space to run, roll and relax. We also painted some interior spaces, organized the donation storage closet and practiced our scrubbing skills by washing all the dogs. The Tom’s team took care of about 20 dogs that day – 12 puppies, and 8 grown dogs! The Animal Welfare Society provides shelter services to 21 communities and each year, they receive and care for almost 4,000 homeless animals.

The Old Orchard Beach Ballpark
We have a soft spot in our hearts for places that bring communities together, and the Old Orchard Beach Ballpark is certainly one of those places. In the 1970’s and 80’s the Old Orchard Beach Ballpark was a central part of the Old Orchard Beach, Maine community – hosting not only its share of ballgames but also concerts . Unfortunately it was closed and overtime fell into disrepair. The amazing commitment of citizen volunteers in the local community has brought this unique spot back to life and the Tom’s team was grateful to be a small part of their achievements. In an effort to help revive the ballpark, we worked together to do landscaping, chain saw work, concrete and mason work on fire pits, painting and carpentry and concession stand cleanup. We hope the community will make some new memories here!

Kennebunk Free Library
The Kennebunk Free Library serves the diverse cultural, informational, educational and recreational needs of our community with its vast resources, inviting facilities and its opportunities for children. Tom’s bookworms organized dozens of donated books and searched the library shelves for books that had been misplaced. We also refurbished some of the library’s cassette tapes with new covers to ensure the environment continues to foster learning and fun.

Goodness Day 2010 was a great success! It gave us the opportunity to learn about and help several different types of charitable organizations, and giving back to the community always feels great. Check out VolunteerMatch.org to learn more about how you can volunteer in your community.

We want to know what organizations are near and dear to your heart. Leave us a comment below!