Can Toms Natural Toothpaste Save the World?

Can Toms Natural Toothpaste Save the World?

Posted by Rob, Brand Manager, Citizen Engagement

I can’t help it; there is something about this time of year that gets me a little philosophical. The air in the factory smells of minty Toms natural toothpaste.  And amidst the cooling weather, holiday decorations, and old favorite TV specials, I’m finding myself feeling full of hope.

I know “hope” is a word that gets used a lot, but those four little letters signify something pretty amazing. Hope takes strength of spirit. It takes the courage to be optimistic, even when it’s incredibly hard to be so. And let’s face it, when you turn on the TV or radio, sometimes it feels like there are plenty of reasons on the news to lose hope.

I have lots of reasons to feel hopeful. My teenage son and his positive outlook on the world is one. My friends that try their best to leave a positive mark on the world is another. And believe it or not, my job is another! I’ve worked at Tom’s of Maine for over ten years now, and Tom’s is definitely a hopeful company. It’s not necessarily that we believe natural toothpaste can save the world, it’s more that we believe every positive effort matters, and try to do our part. But I’m not in this philosophical mood because of what Tom’s of Maine does. As a part of my job, I spend a lot of time communicating with our customers on our Facebook page, or via Twitter, or through e-mails and phone calls. And right now, it’s these comments, questions and ideas from Tom’s of Maine customers that are giving me hope.

Before you start thinking “oh sure, another company saying ‘we love our customers!’” I’ll come right out and say it… I get frustrated and annoyed sometimes too. Not all of the contacts we get are happy ones, and I sometimes feel like I answer the same questions over and over. But one thing I’ve come to realize, behind all of these communications – the compliments and concerns – is a person who CARES. You don’t contact a company (let alone a small company in Maine) unless you are passionate about something. And you certainly don’t contact them unless you think your opinion can make a difference. And although we might not always agree, most people are looking to engage in respectful, meaningful dialogue. When you bring passionate people together, and they talk and share ideas, is there any problem that can’t be solved?

Maybe you don’t believe that natural toothpaste will save the world, either. But I’d be willing to bet you are passionate about what you believe in, and dedicated to doing your part. So we’ll keep listening to what you have to say, and in fact, want to find more ways for you to share what you have to say! Because every time we hear from people like you we know the world is full of people who believe that at every positive step matters, and who are working to do their part. And what’s a better reason for hope than that?