Celebrating Earth Day with Tom’s of Maine

Celebrating Earth Day with Tom’s of Maine

Posted by Bridget, Tom’s of Maine Citizen Advocacy Representative

Tom’s of Maine began in 1970, the same year that Earth Day was first recognized. For 40 years we’ve tried to operate in a way that respects the natural environment. So it probably comes as no surprise to many of our consumers that Earth Day is a pretty big deal at Tom’s of Maine.

This year, our company’s efforts to recognize Earth Day were organized by an employee task force. The group worked with the Arbor Day Foundation, purchasing five trees for each Tom’s of Maine employee. Four out of the five trees – over 530 trees – were donated to a National Park in need. The fifth was given for the employee to take home, although some employees opted to donate their fifth tree as well. These Blue Spruce trees will soon be found in the communities surrounding our corporate office and factory locations here in Maine. To work as a community, some members of Tom’s will be planting trees together in our factory’s garden area on Earth Day. Terri from Health & Specialty Sales planted hers in a pot for now, to avoid destruction from overzealous dogs (and also spent some time on her colorful windowboxes). My own sapling is in safe storage until my niece’s next visit. I am excited for her to track its growth each time she comes to my house, just as we track her growth inside the kitchen door frame.

Our employees will probably share a few pictures and stories of our Earth Day activities on our Facebook page, but we’d really like to hear from you! How are you planning to celebrate Earth Day?

Earth Day - Terri