Decorating Pumpkins: 6 New Styles to Celebrate Fall

Decorating Pumpkins: 6 New Styles to Celebrate Fall

Angela TaguePosted by Angela Tague, guest blogger

Cooler days and colorful trees mean decorating pumpkins is at the top of my to-do list. In years past, the hubby and I have hosted pumpkin-carving parties to get into the Halloween spirit. It’s also a chance to flex my creativity.

If you’re tired of carving the same jack-o’-lantern face each year, break out the crafting supplies this season. Here are six new ways to make your porch pumpkins the talk of the neighborhood.

Get Blingy

With a package of faux rhinestones and a hot-glue gun, you can bring the bling to just about anything, including pumpkins. Pick out seasonal-colored embellishments and use glittery accessories to make funky swirl designs or write Halloween messages such as “Boo!” or “Haunted!” on the pumpkin. Festive pumpkins like these also make great fall table centerpieces.

Go Country

When decorating pumpkins, I like to do a few with a country twist. Trim scraps of burlap into long, slender ribbons to craft bows on the pumpkin stem. Then hot-glue recycled buttons and tiny patches of plaid fabric. Set the pumpkins on a hay bale and you’re all set!

decorating pumpkinsBe Scary

One Halloween, I decided to make my pumpkin into a spider. First, I spray-painted the squash portion black. Then I bored four small holes on each side of the pumpkin using an apple corer. I inserted some repurposed black electrical tubing into the holes to create the legs of a spider. After attaching a few googly craft eyes, the decoration was complete.

Light Up

Brighten your porch for trick-or-treaters with pumpkin lanterns. Remove the tops and scoop out the insides of a few pumpkins. Then use a power drill with a hole saw attachment to make variously sized circles. The more holes there are, the brighter your lanterns will be. Use battery-operated candles to keep flames away from children’s costumes.

Draw It

When decorating pumpkins with the kids, it’s a good idea to leave the knives in the kitchen. Instead, let the children draw on the pumpkins. Give older kids permanent markers in dark colors. Finger paints are fun for the littler ones, too. If you have an eye for art, why not have a go yourself?

Try Ribbons

Applying ribbons gives a pumpkin color and texture. In addition to tying a wide-width ribbon on the pumpkin stem, weave ribbon through holes in the squash. Or glue vertical strips of ribbon to make a striped pumpkin with attitude. This is a great way to use up odds and ends from your sewing supplies.

How do you plan to decorate your pumpkins this year? Please share your creative tips and tricks for celebrating autumn in the comments below.

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