DIY: Upcycle deodorant crystal packaging into a paint roller

DIY: Upcycle deodorant crystal packaging into a paint roller

Posted by Bridget, Citizens’ Advocacy Representative

Here at Tom’s, we have a lot of pride in our products, including our Natural Confidence deodorant crystal, and our NEW Naturally Clean toothbrush. We also have a lot of pride in our packaging. All of our packaging – and also our Naturally Clean toothbrush – can be recycled. But sometimes, before we REcycle, we like to UPcycle!

My nieces are always excited to present me with their homemade artwork. So this Valentine’s Day, I decided to try my hand at a DIY painting project to surprise them.

First, I gathered my supplies.

Non toxic paints, Empty Natural Confidence deodorant crystal containers, a butter knife, and an old Naturally Clean toothbrush.

I wanted to see if I could upcycle our Natural Confidence deodorant crystal container into a mini paint roller.

The first step was to remove the roller balls from the empty Natural Confidence containers. To do this, I inserted a butter knife between the roller ball and the lip of the main container and simply popped it out! NC-butterknifeI would recommend doing this above a sink, as depending on how much leverage you use, that roller ball can really fly!

It is important to use a butter knife as opposed to a steak knife to avoid cutting through the plastic edging of the container. You will need this plastic to effectively hold the roller ball back in place. The duller the knife, the better!

The next step was to clean out any residual deodorant crystal product from the container. Luckily, Natural Confidence, while thicker than water, is not a sticky substance. I was able to easily wash out the containers with dish soap and water before allowing them to fully dry.

Once dry, I filled the empty deodorant crystal containers with nontoxic paints. I chose red and white for my Valentine’s themed project, but any color would work.

Once the paint was in the container, I rolled the roller ball around a few times on a scrap piece of paper to get the paint started. Then I was ready to paint!

The great thing about using the Natural Confidence container as an upcycled paint roller, is how little mess there is. With the paint contained inside the deodorant crystal packaging, there is no chance of getting paint on your hands – or your little crafters hands as the case might be!

Once I finished painting with the red and white, I decided to accent my painting with the help of our NEW Naturally Clean toothbrush.

Did you know you can upcycle a used toothbrush? First you’ll want to soak the tootbrush in a cleaning solution of your choice to be sure it is rid of all germs. Then, simply label it according to its new use… to avoid an unfortunate mix up.

NC-finishedpaintingI used my purple Naturally Clean toothbrush to add some additional design to my nieces’ painting. I painted with the bristles, and “wrote” with the flat side of the toothbrush head. I know my nieces will have a lot of fun experimenting with the different textures and designs they can create with the multi-height bristles.

Overall I was pretty pleased with my final product! And even more pleased at how easy it was to store my new art supplies. A quick rinse cleaned the paint from my Naturally Clean toothbrush, and by simply screwing the deodorant crystal caps back in place, I insured that my paint will be ready for my next project of choice. Or ready for my nieces. After all, now that I know my new paint rollers work, I’m excited to show them to the girls.