DIY:  Sweater Pillow Cover Upcycling

DIY: Sweater Pillow Cover Upcycling

Posted by Erin, guest blogger for Tom’s of Maine, Trenton, Maine

Have you ever accidentally shrunk a sweater and had to say goodbye? Or have you ever passed a sweater on the racks of a thrift store that you would never really wear, but you still admire the pattern or color? Or maybe with the start of spring, you are working to thin out that winter wear! Well, if you think beyond your wardrobe, you may find use for those sweaters as pillow covers!

I made this pillow cover using a sweater that I found at Goodwill. I was looking for neutral colored sweaters to balance out some bright colored pillows we have on our sectional, and this extra-large beige sweater was just the ticket.

My first step was to measure the pillow insert that I had on hand. If you don’t have an existing pillow that you want to cover, you can always find an insert at your local fabric store. It is definitely important to measure using a tape instead of a ruler, to account for the “poof” of your pillow.

Once I had my measurements, I cut coordinating pieces from the sweater. I cut two layers at the same time to make it easy.

The next step is to sew around 3.5 of the sides, with right sides together, leaving just enough room on the fourth side to turn the pieces right-side-out and stuff in a pillow.

I kind of took the easy way out by leaving the fourth side fully open. I folded the bottom of the fabric up and over and then pinned each side with a few stitches. My pillow insert was filled with down, so I needed to be able to take the insert out for easy washing of the cover, and this method allowed for that.

If you’re just leaving a small opening for stuffing, then all you need to do is use a few hand or machine stitches to close up the spot that you left open!

This was a quick, easy and affordable way to add a new pillow to our sofa.

Would you ever consider using an old sweater to make a pillow cover?

Erin spends her free time blogging at Domestic Adventure from her home near Bar Harbor, Maine. She writes about finding fulfillment in the simple pleasures of domesticity while juggling motherhood, marriage and a full-time career in fundraising and public relations. She wants to make her cake and eat it too.