Eco-Friendly Transportation

Eco-Friendly Transportation

“The single largest transport resource…in the entire country are the empty seats in everyone’s car.”

Adam Starr, Carpooling Quietly Booms in San Francisco, GOOD MAGAZINE, February 7, 2009 (quoting Randy Rentschler, Director at Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission)

Support our living planet and try car or bike sharing! The popularity of these programs has sky rocketed as more people realize that it is cheaper, more convenient, and reduces our environmental impact. Particularly in urban areas, where traffic and limited parking prevent the convenience of personal vehicles, programs such as these are great for both commuters and the environment! Car sharing may reduce those seemingly endless car expenses such as gas, maintenance and parking. For shorter trips, bike commuting allows us to incorporate some exercise into our busy schedules while reducing emissions. In Maine, Go Maine offers great tips on how to travel more sustainably at Check and see if your state does too!

Here at Tom’s, employee Jack Kindness does his part for the environment by commuting 12 miles by bike to and from work!Check out his story.

Do you participate in bike sharing? Do you carpool to work? Tell us about your experiences with eco-friendly transportation!