Energy efficient ways to beat the heat

Energy efficient ways to beat the heat

While Maine may be known for its snowy winters, it does have four seasons including a spectacular, albeit short, summer. While the thought of zoning out in air conditioning can be tempting when the temperatures rise, we always try to keep what is best for the environment in mind. We hope you enjoy these Tom’s of Maine employee tips for energy efficient ways to beat the heat!

I like to eat cold watermelon to keep cool and hydrated on a hot summer day.
Nansy, D-Commerce Manager

When the air outside is hot, I go underground – into the basement, which doubles as the man cave. The air is cool & the beverages are cold.
Andy, Factory Finance

My favorite part of living in Maine is living close to the beach. I love that I can zip one mile down the road, jump in the ocean to cool off, and be back home just as quickly. That shock of cold water can have a long lasting effect!
Bridget, Citizens’ Advocacy Representative

Hot flashes in the summer? I drink iced green tea and use a hand-held fan to stay cool!
Susanne, Associate Brand Manager, Partnerships

At our house we keep the shades or curtains pulled to keep the sun out – this alone is quite helpful. We also had what we call a ‘whole house fan’ installed at the top of our stairway on the second floor. At night – when the air is cooler – we open the windows downstairs and pull the cool air into the house while the hot air gets blown out!
Jess, Health & Specialty Inside Sales

Where I live in Kentucky there are many caves. The temperature in the caves is always very cool, so I make sure to visit them on the hottest days of the year. In the Summer I also move my bedroom to the lower guest bedroom in my house instead of my normal upstairs bedroom.
Abby, Health & Specialty Field Sales

Pittsburgh summers are hot and humid; this year’s summer is no exception. My favorite way to beat the heat is by loading up on cold water. I recently invested in an insulated bottle, which helps to keep my water cold all day. The bottle is absolutely priceless when I am out and about. It can sit in my hot car and my drink will still be nice and cold when I get back. Cold water is a simple thing but it simply can’t be beat!
Tara, Health & Specialty Field Sales