Enjoying winter… naturally!

Enjoying winter… naturally!

Tom’s of Maine is a New England company, so we’re used to dealing with New England winters. For many employees, it’s our favorite time of year! When we’re not busy making our natural toothpaste, natural deodorant and other personal care products, we like to take advantage of this peaceful time to connect with nature.

“As far as I’m concerned, there aren’t many “bad” times to be in nature. But winter is one of my favorite times to be out and about, and snowshoeing is how I do it! The air always feels so clean and crisp, and the forest seems even more peaceful. I love the way the snow looks on the trees, and the stillness that gets broken by the sounds of the chickadees in the branches overhead. With a good coat and a little activity, I rarely notice the cold!”
Rob, Brand Manager of Community Activation

“I love to watch the birds (and squirrels) at my bird feeders.”
Patti, Citizens’ Advocacy Team Leader

“There are so many great things to do in the winter that it’s hard to fit it all in. My family enjoys ice skating, snowshoeing, snowboarding/skiing, sledding, and just playing in the snow. Often I can find my kids just lying face down in the snow. At first I was startled at this behavior, but when you look closely you can see that they are just eating snow. My husband and I used to go winter hiking/camping and hope to get back to it when our kids are little bit bigger. Just being outside feels great.”
Tammy, Project Scientist

“I live at the edge of hundreds of acres of state owned land, so for me it’s as simple as stepping outside at night and breathing the frosty air while looking up at the expanse of the winter sky. Is there anything more remarkable than a winter sky full of stars, above a field of white snow? It’s also a nice moment to consider that in a few short months, I will step outside and it will be a different landscape, but equally as beautiful. It’s hard to imagine something more inspiring than that.”
Libby, Microbiology Leader

“I enjoy feeding the birds at our feeder during the winter, plus reliving summer pictures! This is a favorite of the Eastern Bluebird taken on the bluebird house I put up down front on the flats next to the river.”
Don, Quality Control Technician

“I love to go out in the snow, just like when I was a kid. Whether it’s a walk around town, or a drive down to the beach to watch the flakes, the sky, and the ocean, there’s something incredibly peaceful about the sound of snow falling.”
Andy, Factory Finance

“Although Maine is known as a summer beach destination, I find that in wintertime, our beaches can be even more beautiful. There’s certainly more peace & quiet on the beach, than you’re likely to find during warm weather. The water is often a deeper blue, and the horizon is often more clear, than on a summer’s day. I love to walk that line between earth & sea, along the edge of dry land, gazing at the vastness of the ocean. Even in the deepest of freezing weather, it’s reassuring to know that a couple of miles down the road, there’s a world that remains liquid and moving.”
Cameron, Citizens’ Advocacy Representative

“Winter is my favorite season of the year. My daily connection with winter, depending on amount of snow, is to hike, snowshoe or ski with my dog Freya, a husky mix. She is a true winter spirit and watching her romp as we go is a great way to connect with nature.”
Mark, Budget & Planning Manager.

“Photography is a huge passion of mine and Maine lends itself to being an outstanding backdrop for photo adventures. Throughout all of Maine’s seasons I try and get out to document the beauty in the small, everyday things we take for granted. Most weekends I’ll head out with my Nikon in hand to find a story to capture with my lens. Whether it is a snowy walk along the rocky Maine coast or a cold day exploring the streets and busy piers of Portland there is something to see. The cold wind against your cheeks and sound of the snow under your Bean boots reminds me so acutely of Mother Nature and her cyclic seasons. Within each image is a story, a life, a single moment ready to be seen. Find it. Learn it. Begin.”
Laura, Plant Microbiologist