Antiperspirants, crystals, or aluminum free deodorants, what’s right for you?

Antiperspirants, crystals, or aluminum free deodorants, what’s right for you?

Posted by Fiona, Brand Manager for Personal Care

A trip to the store to purchase deodorant is not something most people want to spend a lot of time thinking about.  Most of us just want a product that works.  But spend some time looking at the products on the shelf and it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the options.  Aluminum free deodorants or antiperspirants?  Sticks, roll-ons, or sprays? So many fragrances to choose from.   And what are deodorant crystals anyway?

A person’s individual body chemistry plays a big role in their opinion about what they need, and whether a product is effective or not.  Some people are looking for wetness protection, while others are looking for a product that controls odor.  Many people assume that all of the products that are available should do both!  Understanding what product might work for you begins with the understanding that deodorants and antiperspirants are not the same.

Antiperspirants and Deodorants

Antiperspirants are designed to provide wetness protection.  These products are regulated by the Food & Drug Administration as over the counter drugs, and are required to contain one of 18 approved wetness protection ingredients (currently all aluminum based salts).  These salts reduce the amount of sweat on the skin, and also create an environment that is hostile to the growth of the bacteria that produce bad odors.

By contrast, deodorants are not designed for wetness protection, and are only regulated as cosmetic products.  They are not required to contain an aluminum-based active ingredient.  You might assume every deodorants is an aluminum free deodorant, but some do contain aluminum.  Deodorants rely on fragrances to cover odor, and may also contain some ingredients that create a hostile environment for the bacteria that produce bad odors.   Deodorant crystals fall into this category, as they use potassium alum to help inhibit growth of bacteria.

So what product is right for you?   A lot depends on your individual body chemistry, and how this translates to your personal underarm protection needs.  Some people also want to avoid certain ingredients, such as aluminum.  People looking to avoid aluminum should seek out an aluminum free deodorant, and be sure to read the labels carefully.  Antiperspirants are not a good choice for people looking to avoid aluminum, and because of the potassium alum crystal deodorants contain low levels of aluminum as well.

Tom’s of Maine Antiperspirants and Aluminum Free Deodorants

We stand by the safety of all of our products, but also respect our customers’ ability to Deodorant Crystal and Aluminum free deodorantsresearch their options and pick the product that is right for them.  We offer an extensive range of underarm products, including aluminum free deodorants, our Naturally Dry antiperspirant (with an active ingredient sources from recycled aluminum), and our Natural Confidence crystal deodorant.   In our aluminum free deodorant line we have sticks and roll-ons.  Many people choose our deodorants because of the 100% natural fragrance, but we offer some deodorants with no fragrance as well.  We also have a line of deodorants intended for men.

We also understand that when your underarm product doesn’t work the way you want, it can be a pretty big deal!  Like all of our products, Tom’s underarm products are backed by our product satisfaction guarantee.  If you ever try one of our products and find it doesn’t meet your expectations just give us a call at 800 FOR TOMS (367 8667) and we’ll work to get you a replacement or refund.