Five Simple Relaxation Techniques to Become More Zen This Fall

Five Simple Relaxation Techniques to Become More Zen This Fall

Sher Warkentin guest bloggerPosted by Sher Warkentin, guest blogger

As the leaves change color, it’s easy to feel the stress of hectic schedules reemerge. The start of the school year is only outdone by the impending holiday season, as far as your workload is concerned. Although you’re waiting another year for the casual days of summer, there are some unique relaxation techniques you can try to help you keep your cool in the meantime.

Adult Coloring Books

Colored pencils aren't just for kids when seeking some relaxation techniques.

At the end of a long day, some coloring might be one of a few relaxation techniques that fit your needs. Grab some colored pencils and join your kids on a creative adventure.

When was the last time you broke out a fresh box of crayons and brought a plain picture to life? Unless you’re a parent, probably not since you were 10. As a mom, I’ve been lucky enough to have a recent coloring session or two, but unfortunately, that means watching as your toddler enjoys the best colors. That’s why adult coloring books are so nice to keep around; there’s something curiously relaxing about coloring that us grownups should experience just as often. The intricate patterns and designs will bring out your Zen as you make a perfect accent piece for your refrigerator.

Relaxing Bath

There’s nothing quite like a hot bath to melt stress and anxiety away. Because it may be difficult to make time for a bath with a hectic schedule, try swapping out your shower for a soothing bath just once a week. Throw in a natural scented soap, like Tom’s of Maine’s Natural Beauty Bar Relaxing, to enjoy the calming fragrance as you unwind.

Floral Therapy

lavender flowers

Aromatherapy is one of my favorite relaxation techniques, because it’s so easy to incorporate by lighting a candle or diffuser. As an even simpler way for scents to alleviate stress, bring home a bunch of flowers with which to decorate your home. Every week when you hit the farmers’ market, buy a small bundle of lavender. Not only is the aroma relaxing, but brightening your home with these vibrant purple flowers will put a smile on your face each time your eyes run across them.

Tea Time

drinking tea is a relaxation technique

I love having an afternoon cup of coffee, especially on crisp fall days, but oftentimes the caffeine is just too much and I’m left with jitters instead of a boost. Swap out your afternoon jolt with a more calming cup of tea. Try making your own fresh blend at home. Take your time as you drink, finding a cozy spot on the couch or on your patio, and drink in the pacifying aroma.

One-Minute Meditation

You don’t have to spend hours in silence to enjoy the benefits of meditation—who has time? In fact, just one minute a day of mindfulness can make an impact on your stress and anxiety level well over the long term. In fact, take this moment to step away from the screen, and enjoy brief albeit silent meditation to relax your head.

What are some stress-management techniques you’ve tried in the past? Share your Zen ideas in the comments.

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