Four Healthy Apps to Keep the Whole Family Fit—And Giving Back

Four Healthy Apps to Keep the Whole Family Fit—And Giving Back

Angela Tague headshotPosted by Angela Tague, guest blogger

Any time my husband and I can incorporate our furry family members into our daily lives and give back to our community, we do it. A few months ago, we saw a post online from one of our favorite animal rescue groups about healthy apps that send monetary donations to animal-focused organizations. The amount you donate reflects the number of times and distance you walk with your dog. Here’s how it works, along with more apps that promote healthy living and support a giving lifestyle.

Taking a break on a dog walk

Angela Tague and her husband get fit using healthy apps. The couple takes a break while on a dog walk in Minnesota during their honeymoon.


We both downloaded Walk for a Dog by WoofTrax and decided to give it a try. Now, before we head out the door with our canine companions, Belle and Orion, we both start the app. It maps our excursions, tells us how far we’ve walked, and even calculates each of our paces so we can figure out how many calories we burned once we’re finished! It really is a win-win for everyone involved. The dogs, my husband, and I get some much-needed exercise, while the Iowa Weimaraner Rescue and Sioux Empire Pit Rescue get extra funding to further their missions.

Use healthy apps while out walking your dogs

But Walk for a Dog isn’t the only app out there that provides benefits for both you and your community.


If lacing up your running shoes already gives you a rewarding thrill, why not do your workouts in the name of fundraising? CharityMiles‘s corporate sponsors will donate $0.10 for each mile biked and $0.25 per mile walked or run to a charity of your choice.



This healthy app guides you to make better decisions in your kitchen. For example, each time you make coffee at home—”instead” of buying overpriced calorie-laden cappuccinos at a coffee house—Instead rewards you with funds that get donated to a good cause. One partner charity is Water is Basic, an organization pushing for clean water sustainability.


Love a friendly competition? Challenge a buddy to see who can log more hours at the gym or make more healthy eating decisions this week. For each challenge you lose on Budge, you donate a set dollar amount to a charity. Coming in last never felt so…good!


Do you use any healthy apps that also donate to a worthy cause? Tell me about them in the comments below.

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