Four Ways to Use Fresh Cut Flowers and Exude Spring

Four Ways to Use Fresh Cut Flowers and Exude Spring

Bethany Johnson headshotPosted by Bethany Johnson, guest blogger

Spring is my favorite time of year, as it is for many families. We throw open the windows to usher in the sound of new birds and smell of fresh foliage, and spending time outdoors is finally an option. But if you’re like me, that’s not enough. You want to bring the outdoors in, and you can with a few clever uses of fresh cut flowers.

Here are four unconventional ways to incorporate them into your daily life, so that when you’re cooped up, you can keep some of the goodness of spring with you.

Yard Trimmings

Don’t let your beautiful flowering bushes go to waste when sculpting them for shape. Instead, have your kids collect sprigs to make bouquets or vases full of flowers. At our house, when Dad trims the bushes, the kids get excited to make the most beautiful arrangements. Then, we give them away to elderly neighbors or those who can’t readily leave home. Because there are so many trimmings, we have enough to enhance our own indoor living space and that of someone else at the same time.

fresh cut flowers

From Forsythia to Peonies, we’ve made bouquets out of all the flowering bushes in our yard.

fresh cut flowers


Part of the beauty of flowers is that they’re temporary. When one of my favorites is in season, the other good ones aren’t. My solution? Photography. Art is so personal, so I don’t fret that my camera skills aren’t studio-worthy. Instead, I embrace the images I love by framing pictures of the fresh cut flowers that are not in season.

framing fresh cut flowers

On my living room walls, now, are pictures of Zinias, which won’t be in season here until September. Later this summer when Zinias are in vases on my window sill, I’ll be framing images of azaleas. That way, I’m never without my favorites.

All it takes is a camera phone, an image-printing platform like Winkflash or Shutterfly, and a picture frame you have yet to fill with your blossoming memories.

That Makes Scents

Another way I bring the outdoor flora inside is by using my favorite essential oils as diffusers and homemade soaps. Lavender is especially versatile, and makes it into almost everything in my kitchen. Some lavender essential oil uses are more obvious than others.

lavender essential oilBecause of its calming effect, many DIY bath treats call for lavender oil, but you don’t need to limit yourself to these conventional uses. You can also add it to fabric spritzers, insect repellents, and massage oils.

Always Ready

Finally, I always keep bobby pins in my pocket from April through September. I’m never unprepared for a child’s presentation of a flower when they say, “I picked this just for you.”

secure fresh cut flowers with a bobby pin

Kids constantly give flowers as gifts for the adults in their lives, but it’s always uncomfortable when you realize you have nowhere to put it. If you keep a pair of bobby pins on hand, you can easily adorn your hair, as well as that of your daughter.

It might sound like a difficult thing to remember, but I consider it part of my wardrobe each day in the warmer months. As I do my final check each morning to be sure I’ve remembered everything, I just make a mental note to put a couple pins in my pocket so those flowers can end up in my hair, not discarded underfoot.

secure fresh cut flowers with a bobby pin

How do you incorporate fresh flowers into daily life? Snap a picture and tweet it to @TomsofMaine.

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