Gingermint Granita: A uniquely refreshing dessert

Gingermint Granita: A uniquely refreshing dessert

Posted by Rob, Brand Manager

Gingermint GranitaI’m a big fan of ginger, and love how its spicy, citrusy flavor can liven up so many dishes. This dessert combines ginger with mint, and I think it makes for a really refreshing treat. If you don’t want to take the time to periodically stir the mixture, you can always wait until the mixture has solidified and grate it up in a food processor.

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You’ll need:

2 cups water
¾ cup sugar
3 TBL sliced fresh ginger, and an additional 1 tsp. minced fresh ginger
10 – 15 fresh mint leaves
1 TBL fresh lime juice
Additional fresh mint for garnish (optional)


Add the water and sugar into a pan, and stir to dissolve
Place the pan over medium low heat, and add the sliced ginger and mint leaves
Simmer for 15 minutes (do not boil)
Strain mixture through fine mesh sieve and allow to cool to room temperature
Stir in lime juice and minced ginger
Pour the mixture into a nonreactive (glass is good) baking pan and place in freezer
Allow to freeze, stirring mixture with a fork every half an hour or so to break up ice crystals.

When frozen to desired consistency, serve in decorative bowls or martini glasses. Garnish with additional fresh mint. Enjoy!