Going local with New Morning Natural Foods

Going local with New Morning Natural Foods

For over 40 years Tom’s of Maine has made contributing to positive social and environmental change a core value. And we are incredibly thankful for the efforts of retailers and customers who support us in these efforts, and undertake goodness efforts of their own. This week we’re featuring one of our retailers to thank them for their continued support, and commitment to goodness.

Meet Jeremiah, Store Manager for Maine’s New Morning Natural Foods, a neighbor to the Tom’s of Maine corporate office in downtown Kennebunk.

Tell us a little about New Morning.

We opened our first store in 1976 in Biddeford, ME and then opened a second location in Kennebunk, ME in 1995. We are a family owned and operated store, dedicated to health and the people who come into our stores. We sell everything- food, fresh organic produce, vitamins, natural health and beauty care, bulk herbs and books.

What do you do at the store?

Since we’re a small store I do a little bit of everything, but my main responsibility is doing all the ordering for the Kennebunk store.

What do you think is responsible for your store’s continued success?

Great customer service and product selection, and a strong focus on local products

How do you perceive the ‘natural community’ here in Maine?

It’s a very tight-knit and health-conscious community. Everyone is very active, both health wise and in the community.

What kinds of goodness initiatives does New Morning do on a regular basis?

We like to support local first and foremost, so we try to stock as many local products as possible, including produce from our very own organic farm right in Arundel, Maine. We strive to recycle most of the waste from the stores and have an active composting effort for use at our farm. We try to support the local community as much as possible by providing donations to local nonprofits and participating in community health fairs.

Which Tom’s of Maine product sells best at your store?

Hard to say because they all sell so well… but probably the Fennel toothpaste (seen here and here) or the Silly Strawberry.  The soaps also do very well here.

What is your personal favorite Tom’s of Maine product?

I love all of the Tom’s soaps!