Happy New Year

Happy New Year

The New Year is just around the corner, and at the Tom‘s offices here in Maine, talk is all about our company goals for 2012. But what about our personal goals? We asked Tom‘s of Maine employees to share their New Year‘s resolutions.

My resolution is to work on being more patient and kind – especially at home!
Jess, Health and Specialty Inside Sales

This year I plan to get my passport renewed. And then I plan to use it.
Bridget, Citizens‘ Advocacy Representative

My resolution for next year is carve out a little more “me time”. I’ll prioritize exercise more, perhaps read a book for pleasure (haven’t done that in years), and heck … maybe some time I’ll just sit around and think. My guess (hope?) is that with a little more perspective on life, I’ll be a better worker, a better dad, and a happier guy.
Peter, Marketing Director

Instead of the usual high-flying resolutions, which I never achieve, I am going to try to throw out a lot less food than I do. And hopefully, send some of those savings to a charity in Africa.
Astrid, Controller

Now that I’m working for Tom’s and living in Maine, my New Year’s resolution is to make sure I get out snowboarding at least 2 weekends a month! Let it snow, let is snow, let it SNOW!!!!
Travers, Associate Brand Manager

My resolution is to do more yoga in 2012. I am aiming for 3 times a week. I find that I always feel better and more at peace with the world after a good yoga session.
Tara, Health and Specialty Sales Representative

I resolve to enjoy life, spend more time with my family, and get in better shape.
Joan, Executive Assistant

Every year I go on a raw vegan diet for usually at least two months, or three. I like to do it about 25% of the year. And then I eat vegetarian the rest of the year.
Brian, Customer Service Logistics Leader

Reading books, taking pictures, going snowshoeing or hiking with my friends and family, or walks on the beach with my dog…. these are a few of the things that I always feel like I never have enough time to do. So this year my New Year’s resolution is to spend a little time every week doing something I really love!
Rob, Brand Manager, Community Activation

I usually shy away from making resolutions as, like most, they end up as unfulfilled wishes. However, I decided to take a pledge. I pledge to reduce my consumption (not buy things I really do not need), repair (fix stuff that still has life in it), and reuse (share).
Laura, Health & Specialty Sales