Healthy Additions adds Solar Panels

Healthy Additions adds Solar Panels

Posted by Bill, Manager, Healthy Additions, Tom’s of Maine retailer

Healthy Additions, located on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard in Tisbury, carries everything to supplement your healthy lifestyle from vitamins and fish oils, Biotin enriched shampoos, sport nutrition whey powders, homeopathic remedies, facial creams, medicinal teas, healthy pet foods, greeting cards, aromatic oils and candles, household cleaners and paper goods, books, and of course Tom’s toothpastes!

My name is Bill Ewart Jr, you might call me the manager, but I feel more like a caretaker or team coordinator of a four person team. I do everything it takes to make our store successfulfrom ordering and stocking to ringing, mopping, cleaning, remerchandising, and finding new and exciting items. I think the key to our store’s success so far is teamwork- that is what helps us shine through!

I forgot to mention we sell many local products, too. Products made right here on the Vineyard like bug sprays, local tea blends, lotions, herbal remedies, honey, and even local photography note cards! We support the local movement of Living Local which promotes local farmers and merchants Island-wide. Our parent store, Cronig’s Market, not only makes annual donations to local causes, but also supports the usage of the Island Club Card which allows members to donate portions of the proceeds to charities of their choice.

Recently a set of solar panels has been installed in our parking lot with one more unit coming this fall. According to the Vineyard Power’s facebook page, “this 210kW photovoltaic installation – to be built in two stages – will produce over a quarter of Cronig’s electricity, equal to the combined usage of about 35 average Vineyard homes. Phase one construction began on Wednesday, April 4, 2012.” Check out these photos of the progress!

Which of Tom’s of Maine products sells best at our store? Hands down it would have to be the toothpaste, but don’t ask which flavor please, we carry the whole line and our customers are diverse enough to buy them all. My personal favorite? The Whole Care Cinnamon-Clove toothpaste won me over!