How to Get Smooth Skin Naturally

How to Get Smooth Skin Naturally

Laura A. HeadshotPosted by Laura Agadoni, guest blogger

Winter might be a snow-filled wonderland where you live, but the season can wreak havoc on your skin over time. Unfortunately, a beauty routine that keeps your skin smooth during the spring and summer might not be enough when Old Man Winter blows in. But no worries; it’s possible to realize how to get smooth skin naturally, even on the coldest days.

What Causes Dry Skin?

Aside from being rough to the touch, dry skin can become itchy and flaky. Skin becomes dry in the winter for most of us because of cold winds, heated indoor air, soaps with harsh chemicals, and low humidity. Hot showers, which can feel wonderful when the temperature drops, can also cause dry skin. Hot water strips the skin of its natural oils, and the longer you stay in the shower, the drier your skin can get.

Keep the Water Lukewarm

As tempting as that steamy shower can be, if you are serious about having smooth skin this winter, you’ll adjust the water to lukewarm. A milder temperature helps to ensure that you finish your shower as quickly as possible, conserving water and preventing the hot but drying stream from dehydrating you.

Use a Moisturizing Soap

Keep your skin smooth this winter.

Winter can have a drying effect on the skin.

Soap that contains alcohol or other chemicals is a huge cause of dry skin. It’s common to find sodium lauryl sulfate, for example, in household soap. This is what allows the soap to foam during use, but it dries out the skin at the same time. It’s better for your skin if you use a moisturizing soap that has no artificial ingredients. Bar soaps like Tom’s of Maine Natural Beauty Bar Daily Moisture contain no harsh additives and instead use olive oil and natural vitamin E, to maintain your skin’s natural moisture.

Use a Lotion for Dry Skin

When you use a lotion for dry skin, choose one that contains natural products. Avoid unnatural substances such as petroleum jelly, which is a common ingredient in many lotions. Petroleum jelly simply seals the skin’s surface, rather than adding new moisture to the skin. Therefore, it’s better for you to use a lotion with natural ingredients. An oil-based moisturizer with natural oils like Tom’s of Maine’s new natural Body Lotion! It helps your skin retain moisture in the winter, keeping it smooth and soft. Look for ingredients such as olive oil, vitamine E, and avocado oil.

Turn on a Humidifier

The humidity level drops in your home in the winter because it’s less humid outdoors, and because indoor heating systems rob the air of moisture. Humidifiers put this moisture back in. Humidity levels that are too high can cause problems as well, so keep your humidity level between 30 and 50 percent. Excessive humidity can specifically allow for dust mites and mold over time. You can determine your humidity level with a hygrometer, a device like a thermometer, which comes built into many humidifiers.

Eat Healthy Foods

A diet of french fries, sugar, caffeine, and processed foods can eventually starve skin cells, causing dry or blemished skin. A good diet for nourished skin includes:

  • Soybeans and vegetables, which contain phyto-estrogens that can regulate blemish-causing hormones
  • Blueberries and strawberries, whose antioxidants can fight off free radicals, which can damage cells
  • Fish, flax seeds, and avocados, which contain essential fatty acids
  • Whole-wheat bread and cereal, which contain selenium, a mineral that aids in skin health

Share your tips with us on how to get smooth skin. What do you do to keep your skin healthy in the winter?

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