How we do it: Simply White

How we do it: Simply White

Posted by Julie, Tom’s of Maine Senior Scientist

 Our Simply White toothpaste started with a challenge.  We knew that many of our consumers were interested in a whitening toothpaste, but were not surprised that most were not interested in using harsh chemicals to whiten their teeth! For example, some were concerned about possible tooth sensitivity that can occur when using whitening strips or other peroxide based products. So how to make a natural toothpaste that could make the “whitening” claim without bleaching or oxidizing agents?

Our Simply White natural toothpaste uses silica to help remove stains that can form on the surface of teeth.  Silica is a very abundant mineral and offers many different properties based on how it is milled into different shapes and sizes. We needed to find a silica solution that was not harmfully abrasive but could still clean stains and whiten teeth.  And we found it!  Our “sweet spot” is a specific combination of silica to help whiten teeth without being too abrasive.

We wanted our new Simply White natural toothpaste to be able to claim “clinically proven” so we ran (and passed!) two clinical trials involving over 200 people. . The results showed that subjects using Tom’s of Maine Simply White natural toothpaste showed statistically whiter teeth.  We also went on to apply for the ADA Seal which requires a rigorous assessment of the whitening clinicals as well as additional fluoride efficacy testing. We were granted the ADA Seal this year!

If you are looking for a natural toothpaste that has been clinically proven to whiten teeth, we hope you’ll give our Simply White toothpaste a try!   But we’d also like to hear from you – when you pick a toothpaste, what benefits are most important to you?