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Posted on November 5th, 2010

10 Easy Recycling Tips from Tom’s and Our Facebook Friends

When it comes to recycling, there are plenty of ways to contribute, and every contribution counts! So at Tom’s we’re always exploring new ways to increase the nearly 300,000 pounds of aluminum tubes, cardboard, folding cartons, mixed paper and shrink wrap that we recycle per year.

We’re also big on recycling at home and love learning and sharing new ways to contribute more. So in recognition of National Recycling Week this month, we asked our Facebook friends and members of the Tom’s team for their recycling tips and posted our favorites below.

  1. Callie saves all plastic containers, marked 1 through 7, for donations at her recycling center.
  2. Mary, a Tom’s Quality Control Team leader, cuts up old T-shirts and uses them as rags to help curb her paper towel consumption.
  3. Anna saves all her personal and confidential papers for a biannual recycling drive at her credit union.
  4. Windy takes home materials that aren’t recycled at her workplace and recycles them at home.
  5. Tiffany picks up trash and recyclable materials during her daily walk to the mailbox.
  6. Heather, a Tom’s Health and Specialty field representative, takes her family’s plastic # 5 – dairy, yogurt and cheese containers – to the neighborhood Whole Foods store since her city doesn’t take them yet.
  7. Lynda always tries to repair possessions before replacing them and donates unwanted items to Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill and hospice organizations.
  8. Patsy suggests recycling plastic grocery bags or reusing them in small garbage cans.
  9. Jim, a Health and Specialty store sales manager at Tom’s, purchased dishes from a thrift store to use for backyard entertaining, school pot luck dinners and concerts in the park Instead of using paper plates and cups.
  10. Heidi recycles bottles and jars — even broken ones. She wraps and labels the shards “broken glass” and sets them at the top of the glass recycling pile so no pieces fall out.

Reusing resources is a great way to help create a positive change in ourselves, our communities, and the living planet. We hope you found some new ways to increase your recycling contributions. Feel free to leave a comment. We would love to hear your suggestions too!

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