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Posted on August 6th, 2010

50 States for Good 2009 Winner: Glean for the City

Bread for the City’s Glean for the City program collects produce left behind by farmers to distribute to those in need throughout the Washington D.C., allowing residents in need to have meals made with fresh ingredients. Last year the organization was named a winner in our “50 States for Good” program. In their own words below, see what the $20,000 in sponsorship funds meant to them and how important it is to get word out about voting for your favorite this year!

Our project, Glean for the City, rescues surplus produce that would otherwise go to waste in the fields of farms and back lots of farmers markets in the DC area – instead, it goes to our pantry, where we help feed 5,000 of the most vulnerable families in DC each month. In 2009, our inaugural year, Glean for the City was successful in building a network of hundreds of passionate volunteers, whose commitment to our program (and their willingness to vote for us!) led us to become a winner in Tom’s of Maine 50 States for Good initiative.

2009 was a huge success for us, and with the help of all of our wonderful supporters, this year is looking even better! We cannot overstate how important our volunteers and the sponsorship from Tom’s of Maine are to our efforts. We simply could not do this program without them. Their enthusiasm and energy is prompting the growth of our program.

  1. This year we are working with more farms and more farmers markets to increase both the amount and the variety of fruits and vegetables we deliver to our clients. Additionally, we are cooperating with other food pantries and kitchens so that they can learn from our experience with the gleaning process. There is more than enough food out there that would otherwise go to waste – for reasons like a lack of farmers resources, or characteristics that make food un-sellable (like curved cucumbers, which you’d never see in a store) but still healthy and delicious. As a volunteer noted at a gleaning last summer, “I cannot believe that all of this would have gone to waste… I want to do this again!” We are excited to be “doing this again” for another year and thank everyone who has helped make a difference.

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