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Five Green Insulation Options for Sustainable Warm and Fuzzies

Posted on February 7th, 2016

Posted by Bethany Johnson, guest blogger Knowing some of your home’s heat and air escapes through the walls, windows, and roof can be disheartening, especially as your appliances work harder to keep up with these leakages. If you’re looking to move toward a more earth-friendly lifestyle (or even considering an interior project), you’ve probably heard that […]

Fun Water Conservation for Kids: How to Teach the Value of Water

Posted on February 6th, 2016

Posted by Bethany Johnson, guest blogger Sustainability doesn’t come naturally to kids. Like most worthwhile lessons, however, it can be taught with the whole family’s involvement. And there are numerous ways to combine lessons in conservation with regular playtime. My kids are still pretty young, so trying to explain fuel consumption or energy conversion can be […]

3 Family Outdoor Activities to Beat the ‘Blah’ and Get Everyone Moving

Posted on February 4th, 2016

Posted by Bethany Johnson, guest blogger With digital entertainment always so close by, it can be tough finding the motivation to get outdoors with the family for some fresh air and exercise. You want to get moving together, but not every workout is well suited for your partner or kids. Rest assured others have encountered […]

Three Healthy Uses for Licorice

Posted on February 4th, 2016

Posted by Laurie Fanelli, guest blogger It can be difficult to limit our intake of sweets. But did you know that some popular treats, like licorice, are actually derived from the root of a plant—the uses of which transcend confectionery traditions? The liquorice plant has been used as a remedy to treat several issues for thousands […]