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Quick and Healthy Snacks: Spicy, Crunchy Chickpeas

Posted on March 20th, 2015

Posted by Rob, Brand Manager of Citizen Engagement When you work for a natural products company, sometimes people assume that you eat healthy all the time.  But I admit it – I am a potato chip addict. Give me the choice between a sweet treat and a salty, crunchy one and I am likely to pick the […]

National Bike Challenge: Fuel Your Day Using Bike Power, Not Fumes

Posted on March 19th, 2015

Posted by Emily Clayton, guest blogger Calling all cyclists! May is a special month for you and your fellow bike enthusiasts. Every year the League of American Bicyclists sponsors a month-long celebration in honor of all things bike related. This is the perfect time to band together and share your communal passion for bicycling. From festivals […]

How to Read Nutrition Labels: A Kid-Friendly Process

Posted on March 18th, 2015

Posted by Bethany Johnson, guest blogger Our journey to clean living has taken years, and we’re still not “there” yet. One of the unfortunate parts of my label-reading in the grocery store is that my kids have gotten bored, and even started mischief while waiting for me to finish shopping. Last year, I had an idea: […]

Using My Tax Refund For Good

Posted on March 18th, 2015

Posted by Sher Warkentin, guest blogger I’ve been Wondering what to do with that extra money from my tax refund. Have you? Why not invest it in helping the environment and your community. Donations are always helpful, but check out these unique ideas on using your return to give back in other ways: Smarten Up Your […]