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Curried Carrot Soup

Posted on February 20th, 2014

Posted by Rob, Brand Manager of Citizen Engagement Eating healthy can get a little more complicated when members of your family have very different tastes.  While my son has always been a very easy eater, my daughter has been a bigger challenge. I’ve heard that cooking with your kids is a way to encourage them [...]

Valentine’s Day Drinks: Five Nonalcoholic Options

Posted on February 12th, 2014

Posted by Angela Tague, guest blogger Whether your Valentine’s Day celebration includes a special dinner for two at home or a cozy game day with the kids, plan to serve a special holiday beverage. Keep the Valentine’s Day drinks healthy and family-friendly by opting for some of these nonalcoholic creations. Healthy Berry Smoothie Start Valentine’s [...]

The Best Organic Hot Chocolate Recipes

Posted on January 23rd, 2014

Posted by Sher Warkentin, guest blogger Drinking hot chocolate is a delicious way to enjoy the antioxidants and health benefits of chocolate. Unfortunately, most prepackaged mixes are over-processed and full of sugar, offsetting the healthy goodness chocolate has to offer. Skip the packaged mixes and make your own organic hot chocolate instead. Warm up on a [...]

Winter Vegetables: Simple Dinner Side Dishes

Posted on January 10th, 2014

Posted by Sher Warkentin, guest blogger Spring and summer aren’t the only seasons that come with an abundance of delicious produce. There many wonderful types of winter vegetables that make great side dishes for any healthy dinner. Brussels Sprouts Though Brussels sprouts have historically had a bad reputation as a hated vegetable, they have recently become [...]

Homemade Baby Food without the Hassle

Posted on January 8th, 2014

Posted by Deirdre Mundy, guest blogger It’s time to introduce your baby to her first solid foods. You don’t want to feed her processed junk, but you don’t have the time to puree and freeze like some parents do. Fortunately, there’s a great way to make homemade baby food a part of your everyday routine. [...]

Four Tips for Choosing Organic Produce

Posted on January 6th, 2014

Posted by Angela Tague, guest blogger When you prepare a large family dinner, make it a healthy dining experience by choosing organic foods. Making appetizers with organic produce or serving an organic ham, gives you a chance to teach your family how important it is to avoid foods grown and processed with pesticides, hormones, herbicides, [...]

14 Healthy New Years Resolutions for 2014

Posted on December 26th, 2013

Posted by Angela Tague, guest blogger Have you started to think about ways to improve yourself in 2014? For the last several years, I’ve focused on healthy New Years resolutions. After all, if I’m doing and feeling well, I’m a better friend, wife, daughter, sister, and colleague. Here are some of the ways you can plan [...]

5 Christmas Treats to Leave for Santa

Posted on December 18th, 2013

Posted by  Tania K. Cowling, guest blogger As a child, I remember leaving cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas Eve. I continued this tradition with my children, always teaching them that this is not a bribe for all the things they wanted, but rather a token of gratitude for all of Santa’s hard work. Now [...]