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Volunteering in America: 50 States for Good

Posted on October 15th, 2013

Posted by Bridget, Community Manager Here at Tom’s, volunteering is highly encouraged among employees. One of our benefits allows us to use 5% of our paid time to help out at a local nonprofit of our choice. This picture of me was taken at one of my own volunteer gigs – I help out with [...]

Giving back to the community: 50 States for Good

Posted on October 9th, 2013

Posted by Bridget, Community Manager One thing I like about working for Tom’s of Maine is the strong emphasis the company puts on giving back to the community. This comes in big forms, like our policy of donating 10% of our profits to charitable organizations. It comes in less public forms, like our employee benefit [...]

4 Reasons to Use Cruelty Free Products

Posted on September 16th, 2013

Posted by Rebecca Desfosse, guest blogger As you got ready this morning, were you thinking about the ingredients that went into your toothpaste, deodorant, or soap? Probably not, but you might want to—especially if you care about animals and their welfare. Many companies test products on rabbits, mice, and rats. Here are four reasons why you [...]

50 States for Good judges talk about giving back

Posted on September 12th, 2013

Each year, our 50 States for Good program brings new nonprofit organizations to our attention, from all over the country. Their efforts never fail to impress us. This year, from a pool of nearly 1,000 nominations, finalists were chosen by a judging panel of passionate leaders in the nonprofit community. We took some time to [...]

Share the Harvest from a Backyard Garden

Posted on September 5th, 2013

Posted by Jennifer A. DiGiovanni, guest blogger With backyard garden harvest season upon us, you may be searching for ways to use your bumper crop of produce. Vegetables can be worked into large batches of soups or sauces, which—along with fresh berries—will freeze well. Another idea is canning fruits and incorporating them into jams and jellies [...]

Meet our 50 States for Good Judges

Posted on September 1st, 2013

Posted by Rob, Brand Manager of Citizen Engagement If you follow us on Facebook, you probably have heard us talk a lot about 50 States for Good ™ – our initiative to help support the grassroots community projects of 501c(3) nonprofits across the U.S.  You can read more about 50 States for Good ™ on our website. [...]

Should You Donate Natural Products to Shelters and Food Pantries?

Posted on August 31st, 2013

Posted by Deirdre Mundy, guest blogger Imagine that you woke up one morning, and your family had nothing. No shelter, no possessions, no food, and no way to earn income. You’d have to depend on the kindness of strangers to feed, clothe, and bathe your children. Would you be able to maintain a healthy and [...]

Cruelty free “ice cream” from just one ingredient!

Posted on August 22nd, 2013

Posted by Bridget, Community Manager Because Tom’s of Maine is a cruelty free company, we are often the toothpaste company of choice for vegan consumers. While we are not all of us on staff eat a vegan diet, we do appreciate healthy recipes, and this cruelty free ‘ice cream” fits both bills. Ingredients Bananas. That’s [...]