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Vegan Products: Pumps, Boots, and Shoes for Any Occasion

Posted on November 1st, 2015

Posted by Laurie Fanelli, guest blogger People are doing their best to become more conscientious by cooking plant-based meals, purchasing vegan products, and limiting their overall impact on the planet. But what about our footwear? Shoes are often made with animal products, too, which is why there are just as many great vegan shoe brands for […]

Empowering Women Through the Young Women’s Resource Center: Goodness Grant Series

Posted on October 28th, 2015

Posted by Bethany Johnson, guest blogger When you think of a young woman’s “full potential,” myriad topics come to mind: healthy relationships, career goals, self-confidence. The truly empowered young woman takes many forms, and the Young Women’s Resource Center (YWRC) in Des Moines, Iowa, is at the fore of her success. Through education and support, […]

Small Steps to Finding Work-Life Balance

Posted on October 27th, 2015

Posted by Sher Warkentin, guest blogger Ironically, we’re always too busy to find work-life balance, especially when work can be done on your smartphone and your kids have more activities scheduled than there are days in the week. But when you’re drowning in e-mails and soccer practices, don’t worry; there are some very simple things you […]