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Posted on October 27th, 2010

Protecting your Teeth from Halloween Treats

Posted by Susanne, Category Leader and resident Registered Dental Hygienist

Halloween is not the time for apples from strangers and dental professionals are not anti-chocolate. I say let the kids have some fun, enjoy all of their treats and simply make sure they brush their teeth within 20 minutes of snacking with Tom’s Silly Strawberry Anticavity toothpaste. The trick (pun intended) is to eat several treats at once and not spread them out over the course of the day. Example: Mom/Dad says to son/daughter, “after you eat all of your healthy lunch you can pick three treats for dessert from your Halloween bag as long as you go brush when you’re all done.” Can’t brush at school? Now this is when an apple from home is warranted, or a quick rinse at the water fountain, or using a sugar-free xylitol gum to help remove food particles and stimulate saliva. Don’t be a candy scrooge….oh wait…that’s another holiday. My final piece of professional advice? Make sure your kids visit a dental professional twice a year. Prevention is key!

Susanne is a Tom’s of Maine Category Leader, Dental Hygienist and Mom of 4 (all 4 are cavity free after twenty years of Halloweens)!

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