Innovation is Alive

Innovation is Alive

Posted by Sam Davidson, President and Co-Founder of Cool People Care
50 States for Good judge

I’ve been judging the Tom’s of Maine 50 States for Good program for four years now. Each time I am asked to return, I quickly reply with a “yes” because as I examine each application I get inspired by the fantastic ideas I see around the country.

What makes me even more delighted is to see that such innovation lives in the nonprofit sector. Big business usually grabs headlines for being innovative and in certain industries, if you’re not creating or challenging the status quo, you’re doomed to fail or be relegated to the sidelines of irrelevance. Many times, we don’t expect innovation to exist in a space whose primary focus isn’t on profits but on progress.

But let me tell you – innovation is alive. I see it in the ways organizations old and new are seeking to feed the hungry, repair our environment, teach children, and build communities. Each year, I am inspired and encouraged to see how many great ideas are out there for making the world a better place.

If you’re considering where you should volunteer or give your money this time of year, look for the innovation. Help support the dreamers and the doers wanting to save the world, one person, program, or project at a time. And by all means, vote for the current nominees that have potential to set new standards when it comes to creating lasting change.

Thank you, Sam, for donating your time to 50 States for Good! Learn more about Sam here, and be sure to vote in this year’s 50 States for Good program, here.