Making Sense of Natural Lotions

Making Sense of Natural Lotions

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The air is getting cooler and drier, and for many of us that can lead to drier skin.  As a mom, I find myself especially concerned about my baby’s skin and what I can do to keep it moisturized. With a wide variety of products available, you might find yourself confused by all the options.  How do moisturizers work?  And what makes natural lotions different?

What causes dry skin?natural lotions

Moisture is delivered from your blood stream to the middle layer of skin, known as the dermis.  From there, water moves upward through the epidermis, where it eventually evaporates.  It is this process of evaporation which can lead to dry and flaky skin, as the drier the air the more moisture will be pulled from the skin.

How do moisturizers work?

Moisturizers typically work either by trapping moisture in your skin to prevent evaporation, or by restoring moisture that has been lost.  At the most simple level, moisturizers can be broken into three categories.  Occlusives form a barrier that traps your skin’s moisture and help inhibit evaporation.  Emollients penetrate the skin, helping to restore moisture.  Finally, humectants attract moisture from the air to the skin.  Many lotions will have a combination of two or more of these moisturizers.

How is a natural lotion different than a conventional one?

Conventional lotions may rely on synthetic ingredients to provide fragrance, moisturize the skin, or help preserve the product for a longer shelf life.  Natural lotions will typically contain some ingredients that are naturally sourced or derived, but may contain some percentage of synthetic ingredients as well.

natural lotionsAt Tom’s of Maine, our natural lotions include a body lotion, hand cream, and moisturizing baby lotion.  None of these products contain any artificial fragrances, dyes or preservatives, and they are also free from parabens, phthalates and phenoxyethanol.

Our use of natural preservatives in these natural lotions is a great example of our work to find and combine natural ingredients that deliver the benefits you are looking for.  Phenoxyethanol is a synthetic preservative found in many lotions, but not ours!  We use a combination of natural preservatives derived from plant sources instead.

Our guarantee

At the end of the day, you’ll probably only be satisfied with a lotion if it works for you.  We think you’ll love our natural lotions, but they – like all of our products – are backed by our product satisfaction guarantee.  If you aren’t satisfied with them for any reason give us a call at 800 FOR TOMS (367 8667) and we will work to make it right.