Meet Tom’s of Maine’s Goodness Circle

Meet Tom’s of Maine’s Goodness Circle

Rob, Brand Manager of Citizen Engagement headshotPosted by Rob, Brand Manager of Citizen Engagement

Tom’s of Maine has been in business for over 40 years, and we have always loved to talk to the people who buy and use our products.  This open and honest dialogue has been a great way for us to get and share new information and, more importantly, has sometimes been used to guide the decisions we make as a company.  Our consumers sometimes have the best ideas on the ways we can take care of their health, their communities, and our planet.

We’d like to introduce you to a group of passionate and enthusiastic consumers who we have dubbed the Tom’s of Maine Goodness Circle.  This diverse group is made up of active community members, mothers, and professionals who share a passion for blogging about healthy living.  Our 12 members are all a unique and special part of the Tom’s of Maine community.  We hope you will find the information and opinions they share to be valuable, and look forward to hearing your feedback!

You can follow them all on Twitter by visiting our Goodness Circle Twitter List here.

  • Tom's of Maine Blog Badge_050214 (1)Stephanie* of Beauty News NYC teaches acting and other theatre classes for the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey. She is an actress, singer, writer and mother of two. With her family and their dog Flanders, Stephanie resides in the suburbs of New York City.
  • Sayward of Bonzai Aphrodite is scientist, writer and urban farmer extraordinaire. Sayward resides in a sunny California townhouse with her husband, son and dogs, Harley the Happy Dragon and Crash Bang Boom, and her two hens Petunia Blue and Princess Sweetpea.
  • Kimberley of She Scribes is a freelance photographer, writer and blogger.  She lives with her husband and children in the suburbs of New York City but it a self proclaimed “country bumpkin” at heart.
  • Courtney of Crunchy Beach Mama is a coffee loving “greenie” who lives in South Carolina with her husband and children. She spends as much times as possible at the beach and likes to get crafty with her kids on a regular basis.
  • Renee of Eat.Live.Blog is a marketer turned educator who enjoys cooking and traveling around New England. She resides in Boston where she founded the community Boston Brunchers.
  • Jennifer L. of Eco Child’s Play is a vegetarian with strong green values. She even built an eco-home from salvaged timber! She lives in California with her husband and children and is an avid yogini.
  • Starre of Eco-Chick is a speaker and teacher who believes in ethical travel, eco fashion and healthy living. She lives on the Connecticut shore but is never far from her home state, New York.  You can often find her writing for numerous outlets in a local coffee shop.
  • Scarlet of Family Focus Blog is a Nashville stay-at- home mom who spends time with her children looking for family fun activities and ways to go green.
  • Jennifer M. of My Beauty Bunny is a self proclaimed beauty junkie and lifelong animal lover. She put these two obsessions together to create a cruelty-free beauty blog. While she is a native of Louisiana, she has lived in Los Angeles for the last ten years soaking in the sun.
  • Kristin of Our Ordinary Life is a mother of three and wife living in California with the family’s two dogs, Marley and Bruno. Kristin loves to write and is pursuing a degree in business.
  • Lindsey of So Easy Being Green lives in a small town in Tennessee with her children and husband.  She enjoys sharing the idea that simple and easy ideas to go green can make a big difference in the long run.
  • Beth of Tasty Yummies  is a graphic designer, illustrator and print maker who is addicted to yoga, eating and cooking healthy. She lives in Long Beach, California, with her husband, dog Seri and two cats, Indie and Jpeg.