Natural Care Brigade Leads New Charge for Recycling

Natural Care Brigade Leads New Charge for Recycling

A new partnership between Tom’s of Maine and TerraCycle® lets your organization recycle and raise money for a local school or charity.

The Natural Care Brigade® program takes advantage of TerraCycle® expertise in recycling hard-to-recycle materials.

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Here’s how the Natural Care Brigade® is designed to work for you and your business or organization:

  1. Go online to create your Natural Care Brigade collection location. It only takes a minute or two.
  2. Then gather and ship old personal care product packages like toothpaste tubes, deodorant containers, plastic soap wrappers, mouthwash bottles and dental floss containers to TerraCycle® free of charge.
  3. Your shipments translate to points rewards redeemed for charity gifts or cash benefitting a nonprofit group or school of your choice.

Tom’s of Maine Citizen Advocacy Representative Bridget Burns says news of the Natural Care Brigade is being well-received.

“People who buy Tom’s products are passionate about caring for the planet and are always looking for ways to make a difference. The Natural Care Brigade is a breakthrough solution. It recycles forms of plastic, like our new earth-friendly laminate toothpaste tubes, that some community recycling systems don’t accept.”

Bridget says the fact that the Natural Care Brigade accepts personal care packaging from any brand highlights Tom’s unique commitment.

“The Natural Care Brigade will help us achieve our goal of zero packaging waste in landfills. That’s a goal that’s bigger than Tom’s. It’s about recycling as much waste as possible, not just waste with a Tom’s label on it.”

The program is just getting started and over 600 locations have already been established. That means 600 new opportunities for keeping trash out of landfills and putting money in the pockets of schools and community groups that need it. The Tom’s of Maine Natural Care Brigade can accommodate 2,000 collection locations. One of those locations is at the Tom’s factory in Maine.

“When you add it all up – every shipment to TerraCyle®, every charitable dollar, every toothpaste tube kept out of a landfill,” says Bridget. “It’s easy to see how the Tom’s of Maine Natural Care Brigade can unite people with good intentions to do a world of good.”

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