Natural Soap: From Rashy to Radiant Skin

Natural Soap: From Rashy to Radiant Skin

Posted by Angela Tague, guest blogger

AngelaTagueBeauty products with pretty packaging and sweet scents used to lure me in. The more colorful and fragrant, the better—or so I thought.
As I get a little older, my skin has started rejecting the flowery beauty products. Itchy skin, rashes, and dry patches were simply becoming too common. So, I decided to try more simple, basic beauty products to combat the skin irritation I was battling after each shower.

When I switched to natural soap, I noticed my rashes disappear. I was left with the youthful, soft, clean skin I enjoyed as a teen. So, do you need to make the switch? Here’s three reasons to make a few changes to your bath time routine.

  1. Natural, simple soaps don’t contain artificial fragrances. These perfumes can be harsh on the skin and cause a temporary rash. Forego the artificial scents to keep your skin beautiful. Try the Tom’s of Maine Sensitive natural soap bar made with skin-nourishing olive oil and vitamin E.

    Natural Soap

    Tom’s Sensitive Beauty Bar

  2. Limited-ingredient soaps are safer for people with allergies. Just over two years ago I developed a sensitivity to gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. This protein is often used as a thickener in shampoos and soaps. By choosing a soap with an ingredient list I can pronounce, I know I’m not exposed to any allergens that might irritate my skin, or become accidentally ingested during a shower.
  3. Natural soaps are a green option. If you’re trying to make a few environmentally friendly changes to your household, choose natural cleaning products, makeup, and health-care products. After you lather up in the bath, your soapy waste water re-enters the water cycle. There’s no need to add extra chemicals and pollutants to the water cycle, which can eventually endanger aquatic life or taint the water supply.

When in doubt, go natural. I like to choose skincare products processed from sustainable resources that are made with plant-based ingredients and naturally occurring fragrances.