Naturally Gluten-Free Summer Inspired Recipes

Naturally Gluten-Free Summer Inspired Recipes

tasty yummies headshotPosted by Beth Manos Brickey,

For most of us, choosing a healthy lifestyle with a deep concern for the quality of the ingredients in the products we use and a need to know where it comes from, extends into all areas of our life.

Healthcare and beauty products, household cleaners and of course, the food we eat. Making the choice to live more mindfully means exploring and researching as much as we can. For me, the path of being more aware of what I am consuming and what is going into and onto my body all started with the food I was eating.

watermelonI had spent many years being sick with various illnesses, common colds, nasty flus, infections, migraines – you name it. After reading many books and watching several documentaries on the state of our food system and what exactly we were all consuming, I started really looking at every little bit of food, every ingredient with a more careful eye.  My path started with the discovery of my gluten intolerance, but it didn’t stop there, I also realized that I was highly reactive to all of the processed foods I had become accustomed to eating and I decided it was time for a change.

In cleaning up my diet, cutting out processed foods and focusing on fresh, whole, seasonal real foods — I saw a near instant change. I felt better almost immediately – I was thinking more clearly, I was no longer plagued with migraines, chronic sinus infections, stomach aches and all the rest of that nasty stuff. The bonus to all of this was also dropping those 30 extra pounds that really needed to go. Beyond all that, I had a newfound interest and passion for cooking. I was discovering and falling love with ingredients that I never even knew existed and I found myself more inspired than ever to create delicious, fresh meals.

zucchniThrough all of these changes and with my rekindled love of food, I started Tasty Yummies, a place where I could share all of these amazing recipes I was creating. All of my recipes are inspired by the fresh, seasonal whole ingredients most easily available to me, whether from my weekly CSA box, from the local farmer’s market or my favorite local organic grocery store.

The best part about focusing on what is local and most in season, is you can be sure you are always getting the freshest most nutrient-dense foods available and with so many great options at your disposal, you’ll never be short on ideas on what to make. So, start exploring what’s available to you now and get into your kitchen, get creative and play with your food.

Here are just some of the delicious, naturally gluten-free recipes I am enjoying lately:

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