Talking to Kids About Santa and Holiday Magic

Talking to Kids About Santa and Holiday Magic

The magic of the holiday season is undeniable. Whether you’re 3 or 93, there’s a naturally uplifting energy that fills our hearts with joy when we give back to others. When talking to kids about Santa this year, it might be time to share the secret behind the jolly fellow and why he makes so many people happy.

You want your little ones to stay innocent and filled with wonder forever, but when they start to question if the seasonal icon is real, open their world to a new level of inspiration by telling them about selfless giving. Keep the conversation kid-friendly and exciting by writing a letter from Santa. After all, he is the star of the show!

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Crafting the Magical Letter

Year after year, your child has composed notes to Santa. He explains how good he’s been throughout the year and what he hopes to find under the Christmas tree. This is the year, though, he receives a return letter from the North Pole.

Start the message with words of praise and gratitude to your child. Explain how Santa has enjoyed the personal updates each holiday season, especially since he has so many children, elves, and reindeer to watch over. Talk about how important it is to be grateful for everyone in the family and the good things that have happened this year.

Then, start to transition the message. Make your child feel special by explaining Santa has a secret to share. He feels your child is old enough to learn about the true magic of Christmas. This is where you can share that there’s a little bit of Santa in every single person. Like Santa, we all like to show love and caring at the holiday season, whether it’s in the form of a relative preparing a delicious family dinner or a neighbor giving you a toy. The spirit of Santa is in all of us!

Then, have Santa challenge your child to get in touch with his own inner Santa. Ask the little one, “What can you do to bring more joy to the holiday season? Can you help decorate the Christmas tree? Can you make cookies with your parents? Can you draw a picture to give as a gift?” Explain that by being involved in the holiday season, you become a Santa to others—and bring them joy in the process.

Finish the letter by telling your child how special he is for being able to create holiday magic and that he will always have a piece of Santa in his heart! After your child reads the letter, seal the moment by giving him a festive red and white Santa hat to wear during the season. Tell him Santa sent it and wants him to be his helper.

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Making the Holiday Transition

As your child thinks about the letter from Santa, give him ample opportunities to do good and be a Santa to his family members and community. Here are a few ideas:

  • Suggest using his allowance money to buy a gift for a special friend or donate to a fundraiser.
  • Tell him that when he makes holiday crafts at school or church, it might be nice to wrap one of the items to put under a grandparent’s Christmas tree.
  • Offer to send two desserts in his school lunch so he can share one with a friend.
  • Explain that sharing his toys with his siblings is what Santa would do.
  • Ask if he’d like to go shopping for a small holiday gift for his schoolteacher.
  • Have your child sign your holiday cards and decorate the envelopes.
  • Let your children explain what they’re thankful for before a meal.

Each time your child does something selfless and positive for another person this holiday season, tell them Santa is watching and you’re sure he’s proud (with a wink)!

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If your child is questioning whether or not Santa is real, surprise him with the magical truth. With a little creativity, you can show your child how good it feels to be selfless and give your time, talents, and gifts to those you care about.