The more things change

The more things change

Posted by Rob, Brand Manager, Citizen Engagement

The other day I bought a new pair of glasses. The style was definitely a departure from the thin wire frames I had worn for many years, and I’m still getting used to how I look in the mirror. But what struck me the most about my new pair of specs was that they looked a lot like the glasses my Dad wore when I was a kid. Many things change with the passage of time, but some things come back, and a few things stay the same.

Tom’s of Maine has been making products like natural toothpaste and natural deodorant for over 40 years. And a lot of change can happen in over four decades. Our packaging design and logo, for example, have gone through a few changes, and when you walk around the office you see a lot of examples of the way things used to be.








We definitely have a soft spot for this vintage look, and when we brought back our Gingermint Propolis & Myrrh toothpaste it was with a package design that gave a nod to these older styles.

Our latest design revision happened a couple years ago, and my favorite aspect of this new design is something we unofficially call the “goodness box.”

We want you to know that when we are making our products we are thinking about more than just the ingredients that go inside. We’re also thinking about how we behave as a company. Because while Tom’s of Maine packing designs might change, our commitment to you won’t! You care about natural products that work, caring for the environment and giving back to your community. These are the core principles that Tom’s of Maine was founded on, and they are the principles that guide us today! We wouldn’t have it any other way, and we know you wouldn’t either.

Another thing that hasn’t changed – we love it when our customers let us know what they think – both what we are doing right, and what they’d like to see us change. You can reach us on Facebook or Twitter, or give us a call at 800 FOR TOMS (367 8667). Our Citizens’ Advocacy team would love to hear from you.