The True Art of Giving Back

The True Art of Giving Back

FullerPosted by Tara Fuller, Greatist

The holidays are gearing up which means one big thing is on everybody’s mind: giving. Whether giving thanks over a turkey dinner, loading up on presents galore, or giving back by donating to charity, the holiday season brings out the giver in all of us.

But what a lot of a people don’t do is take a step back to think about is what kind of giving they’re doing. Sure, a heartfelt Christmas gift can make someone’s year. And there’s no doubt it feels good to surprise a friend or family member with that present they never dreamed they’d receive. Those are both wonderful feelings to gift upon someone! (And yourself.)

But what about giving back? It may not be as aesthetically pleasing as a festively wrapped package, but it certainly has more health benefits—not to mention the positive impact it has on the organization you’re aiding.

Every day non-profits and other amazing initiatives are looking for willing people to lend a hand. And while it’s easy to proclaim, “I’m too busy”, or, “I don’t have the cash right now”, would the tune change if you knew that the smallest effort has the ability to make the biggest difference?

For starters, volunteering can help you live a few extra years (meaning that much more birthday cake). It also helps reduce anxiety and depression, and doesn’t come with a hangover—like people’s much-used remedy: alcohol. Lending a hand is also contagious in and of itself. In fact, something as simple as smiling can improve someone’s day, and your own! It may not feel as impactful as providing education for children, or cleaning up treasured national parks, but it’s certainly a start.

Those are just a few reasons me (and my body) are thrilled to be a part of the 50 States for Good campaign this year. Whether a virtual volunteer, a non-profit nominee, or just someone who spreads the word, Tom’s makes it easy to make a difference. The company’s contribution to the five winners also makes A HUGE difference by enabling organizations to keep up their incredible work.

So this holiday season, whether with Tom’s or on your own, think outside the gift box and do something for the world (and your own health). No matter how small, it does have an impact. So leave the excuses at home, and get your give on!