This Week in Naturally Healthy Habits – March 21, 2015

This Week in Naturally Healthy Habits – March 21, 2015

healthy habitsPosted by Rob, Brand Manager of Citizen Engagement

When they say March “comes in like a lion”, do they mean that lions can’t make up their minds? Because that certainly seems to be the case around here – it’s freezing one day and warm(er) and sunny the next. Anyway, here’s hoping these articles will help you stay focused on your healthy habits even if you are patiently waiting for Spring to truly arrive.

Healthy Habit 1: Get a Puppy

We have a pet friendly office, and my dog Mimi is a frequent visitor. I know it makescorgi my work day to have her here, but this article from Greatist suggests that pets have the ability to make us healthier. Just another reason to make sure the office is well stocked with healthy pet treats!

Healthy Habit #2: Read for Inspiration

Sometimes when the weather is really bad the only activity I’m interested in is getting on the couch with a good book. I loved this list from MindBodyGreen on some inspirational reads, and was happy to note that I read a few of these myself! The Power of Myth is a personal favorite, and I would add What Happy People Know by Dan Baker and Cameron Stauth to the list.

Healthy Habit #3: Soup It Up

chopping leeksMarch is still usually a great month for soup, so why not try one that is comforting and healthy? In our Good Matters Blog, Angela shares a recipe for Scottish Leek and Steel Cut Oats Soup. It is gluten free and if you substitute out the butter, vegan as well.

Healthy Habit #4: Spring Clean Your Spirit

You might be thinking of giving your house a good spring cleaning, why not try these yoga poses to spring clean your spirit? I gave these a shot while I was at work. They are all relatively simple poses, and I definitely felt clearer headed and more energized after doing them. Now if only cleaning out my kitchen cupboards was that refreshing.

We know that healthy habits aren’t just about the natural products you use. We want to support your healthy lifestyle, and hope these articles help you feel better physically, mentally and emotionally.