Valentine’s Day Drinks: Five Nonalcoholic Options

Valentine’s Day Drinks: Five Nonalcoholic Options

Angela TaguePosted by Angela Tague, guest blogger

Whether your Valentine’s Day celebration includes a special dinner for two at home or a cozy game day with the kids, plan to serve a special holiday beverage. Keep the Valentine’s Day drinks healthy and family-friendly by opting for some of these nonalcoholic creations.

Healthy Berry Smoothie

Start Valentine’s Day off right with a special breakfast fruit smoothie. Measure one cup of frozen berries—I like to use blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries—into your blender and top with enough sweet almond milk to just cover the fruit. Pulse, pour, and enjoy!

Pretty in Pink Milk

Turn your child’s glass of milk into a special treat for the holiday. I like to turn it pink with the help of some fresh strawberries. Simply pour the milk and a handful of washed berries into the blender and pulse until the milk turns pink. Serve the special drink in a clear plastic tumbler to show off the pretty color.

Old-Fashioned Cherry Soda

Natural soda made with pure cane sugar or stevia is a personal indulgence. It may not be low in calories, but it’s better than sipping soda made with artificial sweeteners and food coloring. In the spirit of the holiday, add a splash of cherry juice and a few fresh cherries to a glass of natural, organic ginger ale.

valentines_day_drink_sxcSweet Citrus Sangria

Dig out your favorite wine or martini glasses for a fruit-filled sangria. Start by adding sliced lemon, lime, and orange to a pitcher. Add a splash of red with some fresh strawberries. Top the fruit with equal amounts of grape juice and bubbly club soda. To make this recipe perfect for the kids, use white grape juice and plastic glassware to avoid possible stains and broken glass.

Hugs and Kisses Cocoa

After a chilly day of playing outside in the snow, warm up with hugs and kisses cocoa—all ages love this one! Keep it simple by warming chocolate milk and pouring it into cute mugs, then top each cup with marshmallows in heart, ‘x,’ and ‘o’ shapes. Use alphabet and Valentine’s Day cookie cutters to make the task simple and kid-friendly.

Do you have a special menu planned for February 14? Don’t forget to include festive Valentine’s Day drinks. Tell us how you’re spending your Valentine’s Day in the comments below.

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