Seven Fall Vegan Pie Recipes That’ll Make You Drool

Seven Fall Vegan Pie Recipes That’ll Make You Drool

Angela TaguePosted by Angela Tague, guest blogger

Mild late-summer days and chilly evenings have kick-started my fall cravings: hot cocoa, lined leggings, ankle boots, and pumpkin pies. I’m ready for it all. And I have to confess, I’ve already made and eaten the latter.

Last week when I stumbled across one of my favorite gluten-free, vegan pie recipes of all time, I just had to make it. And thankfully, it’s low in calories and rich in fall flavor. I didn’t feel guilty finishing it off in a weekend. Here’s it is and six more pie recipes to add to your fall baking list.

A crumble-top pie being cut

You don’t have to miss out fall’s vegan pie recipes just because you follow a vegan diet. Check out these seven healthy favorites.

Crustless Pumpkin Pie

Last Thanksgiving I made this recipe twice—once for the holiday meal and once the week after, because it’s just that yummy. I use soy milk to make the pie batter vegan. If you love whipped cream on your pie, top it with a simple homemade whipped coconut cream.

Note quickly this pie comes together when you don’t make a crust. I can usually mix up the pie batter in the time it takes for the oven to preheat. Now, that’s easy. And if you’re worried about missing the crust, I promise you’ll forget about it after the second bite. It really is that good!

Mega Crumble Apple Pie

My second-favorite fall pie is apple. This vegan recipe features a gluten-free crust made with coconut oil (not lard) and an apple filling seasoned with lemon zest, brown sugar, and cinnamon. The best part? It has a decadent crumble on top!

This recipe has three distinct parts: crust, filling, and crumble. Make yourself a cup of tea and plan an afternoon in the kitchen to whip up this dessert. The recipe makes you realize baking is truly an art form. I’ve already visited a pick-your-own apple orchard this month, and guess what’s on my to do list now? Apple pie, apple crisp, and applesauce.

Pumpkin Spiced Apple Pie

Love pumpkin and apple, but don’t have time to make two pies? Give this recipe a try. An apple filling is seasoned with pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, and pumpkin butter. And of course, it’s all wrapped up in a flour-based melt-in-your-mouth crust.

If you’ve always wanted to make a classic lattice-topped pie, this is the recipe to try. All you need is a rolling pin and steady hands to weave the strips of pie dough into a cool pie topper.

Vegan Pecan Pie

Creamy, crunchy pecan pie is a must-have during the fall holidays. The crust is made from vegan butter and shortening substitutes, to give it a crumbly texture. And the filling is naturally sweetened with maple syrup (no corn syrup!) to give it that gooey, rich base beneath the toasted pecans.

If you’ve never ventured into making pecan pie, it’s simple: the sweet, thickened filling is made on stovetop, then poured into the unbaked pie shell and sprinkled with toasted pecans. It’s a few steps, but totally worth it.

Homemade Lattice-top Vegan Blackberry Pie

Looking for soy-free, vegan pie recipes? Make this beautiful lattice-work berry pie the centerpiece of your family’s dessert. The blackberries are lightly seasoned with cinnamon and lemon for a true taste of autumn.

The crust recipe for this pie mirrors the crusts my grandmother used to make. The key is using ice-cold water and not working the dough too much so keeps some of its softness. Just combine the wet and dry ingredients enough to moisten them. The dough will continue to come together as you roll it out flat.

Vegan Lemon Ginger Pear Pie Recipe

Another flavor I love exploring during the fall is ginger. It goes so well with the pears in this fall pie recipe that flaunts cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla.

This pear pie is much easier to make than thinly sliced pear tarts or rustic open-faced pies. In this recipe, the pears are cut into cubes (which means older kids can help out). The pieces don’t have to be pretty—just uniform in size. I can smell this pie baking already.

Vegan Pumpkin Pecan Pie

Lastly, you can’t go wrong with a combo pie, especially when it’s pumpkin and pecan. This recipe uses an uncommon pie ingredient to give the filling a perfect dense but creamy texture: tofu.

Simply toss the tofu into a food processor, blend until smooth, then add the pumpkin and spices. Finally, the filling is poured into a homemade crust featuring chopped pecans.

Have you starting your fall baking? Tell me in the comments below what you’ve been whipping up in the kitchen!

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