Not all soap is vegan soap

Not all soap is vegan soap

Posted by Bridget, Community Manager

Bridget, Citizens' Advocacy RepresentativeI am not vegan. I am not even vegetarian. In fact, I will come right out and say it. Hotdogs are one of my favorite food groups.

My good friend Kyle, however, is vegan. And through spending time with him I have learned that the use of animal byproducts extends far beyond food. To things like toothpaste, deodorant and soap. Why is this? Generally it has to do with the use of glycerin, a common moisturizing ingredient in personal care products. A lot of glycerin is animal-derived. Or, to put it more bluntly, it is a byproduct of animal fat.

In the case of soap, this news did not really surprise me. After all, I read Little House on the Prairie. I know how it works. Traditionally soap was made through saponification of fat or oil through the addition of an alkaline salt, like lye. The word soap even has a common origin to the Latin word for tallow, or rendered animal fat. But I guess I figured that using animal glycerin for cleansing was a thing of the past. I assumed all soap on the market was vegan soap.

I was wrong. There are some soaps on the market that use dairy, such as goat’s milk as a base ingredient. But there are even more that use lard (from pig) or tallow (from cows). The fact is that plant oils tend to be more expensive than animal fat. Unlike plant oils, animal fat can be purchased as a byproduct from the meatpacking industry. Not only are many soaps not vegan soap, they’re not even vegetarian-friendly!

Vegan SoapBecause Tom’s of Maine is a cruelty-free company, we produce our soap using vegetable oils such as coconut oil and olive oil.    We still follow the traditional saponification method of production, resulting in an ultra-rich bar soap formula that leaves your skin clean and fresh. The soap is triple milled and also clinically proven to maintain the moisture of your skin – and as a loyal user I can personally attest to that statement. Our line of beauty bars are a vegan soap you can trust.

Another great benefit of vegan soap? Because our beauty bars do not contain any animal byproducts (or other non-permissible ingredients), they are certified kosher, and halal. We are happy that this insures our beauty bars can be used by our religious friends and neighbors.

Even though I do not personally choose to live a vegan lifestyle, I like working for a cruelty-free company that respects the diverse needs of its consumers. And I’m happy to know that Tom’s soap can be the go-to vegan soap for my vegan friends.