Why You Should Use a Natural Mouthwash Today

Why You Should Use a Natural Mouthwash Today

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Mouthwash is important for helping your pearly whites stay clean and to promote overall oral health. But not all mouthwashes are the same, especially natural mouthwash.

Mouth rinse can be purposed to fight cavities, plaque, tartar, bad breath, or gingivitis. Some are even marketed for tooth-whitening abilities. Have you ever considered a solution that delivers your desired benefits without artificial additives?

Reading the Fine Print

Before you swish that mouthwash, take a glance at the ingredients list. Many mouthwashes contain alcohol, preservatives, and synthetic dyes—not exactly what you’d want to put in your mouth. For you, me, and those seeking simpler lifestyles, a natural mouthwash is a good solution.

A natural mouthwash cleans your mouth and leaves you smiling.

A natural mouthwash provides an alternative to alcohol-based mouthwashes, because it does not contain alcohol or synthetic dyes.

Take the Natural Mouthwash Challenge

Because I desire natural ingredients that won’t cause harm to myself and others, I lean toward products with sustainable ingredients to ensure the environment doesn’t suffer from the leftovers of my purchase. Natural product sources tend to be renewable, which prevents us from overburdening our fragile ecosystem. If you have allergies to standard ingredients like preservatives and synthetics, a natural mouthwash gives you a viable option. Challenge yourself to switch to a product that has simpler, less flavored mouthwash ingredients.

Three Cheers for Dye-Free Mouthwash

Synthetic dyes create that vibrant pink, purple, blue, or green glow you often see in standard mouthwashes. According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, you may want to avoid many food-grade dyes—whether they’re in food or personal care products. Why bother when there are other – dye-free – ways to get a sparkling fresh mouth?

Is Your Mouthwash Wicked Fresh?

Products like Tom’s of Maine’s Wicked Fresh! Mouthwash are ideal for those interested in a healthy alternative. With a non-alcoholic and dye-free formula, this mouthwash packs a punch with mint oils that are no less refreshing than its standard counterpart. I love this rinse, not just for the fresh minty taste, but because it has a softer flavor that doesn’t bite back and meets my expectations just as well as alcohol-based products.

Essential Oils for Dental Health

Essential oils such as eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender, goldenseal, lemon, and chamomile all have historical reputations and applications around dental hygiene. If you are interested in another natural way to treat your mouth, mix a few drops of your chosen oil (or blend a few) to a carrier oil, shake well, and pour a small amount on your toothbrush to gently massage and clean. Everybody wants to do everything they can to insure a successful dentist appointment! Dental-Office

Along with regular teeth-brushing and flossing, your mouthwash assists in removing food particles from hard to reach places, which in turn can help to fight against inflamed gums. With this rinse in hand, we’d love to hear about the ways you keep your teeth healthy and sparkling. Leave a comment below, or connect with us on Twitter!

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